Welcome to the workshop and learn more about Top-BOSS Business Simulation Game!

Experience immersive, real-world learning applications to engage students in a controlled business environment.

Please register your team with 2~3 max. participants, and you will enjoy playing the game to see how to implement MBS in courses, create competition in classes, schools, join or hold international competitions.

Learning By Doing! Business learning can be fun, MBS helps students to learn about finance, accounting, marketing, and operations and makes teaching easy!


Arthur Hsiao, Angela Yang, Ching Kwock Wing

Language: English


  • MBS Introduction
  • Experience game few rounds
  • Course implementation (Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Management by Objective…)
  • Q&A

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Date Day Time (Taipei GMT+8:00)) Remarks
2021.10.15 Friday 15:00 ~ 17:00
2021.11.19 Friday 15:00 ~ 17:30

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