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2020 Pan-Asia BUSINESS SIMULATION GAME Friendly Competition

The organizers wish to set a periodical BSG competition among Asian countries from year 2020 annually, so that we conduct this Friendly Competition as a pilot run for long term work. We wish to have your feedback during or after this Friendly Competition sincerely.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the Asian catering market has developed rapidly. At the same time as the rapid development of the catering industry, competition in the catering market has become increasingly fierce.

The diversification of market competition has led to the emergence of new formats and the expansion of the industry. The development trend of the catering industry is bound to change, so what will happen to the catering industry in the future?

Cognizant of the fast changing and still diverse selling channels across Asian markets, it is therefore proposed to hold a BSG competition across Asia with the view of broadening students’ vision; unbundling and nurturing the participants’ potential for future development.

In this spirit and token, we therefore hereby invite all Asian students who are interested in business operation to join this competition.

It is expected that by the end of the competition talents will be nurtured, skills sharpened and entrepreneurial spirit activated to start retailing business.

Hopefully, this competition will also be used as a talent spotting exercise to identify students to be future entrepreneurial seeds in the retailing industry in Asia.